A good book that was misinterpreted by its title...

Murder The Dream Guy

  • Genre: Female Lead/ Comtemporary romance
  • Theme: A story of a webnovelist and a policeman cracking criminal cases while in love.
  • Tag: Mystery, Sweet, Quarrelsome and loving couple, Fresh air
  • Book Stats:
    • Word Count Per Chapter: 1700
    • Stockpile: 126/760 chapters
    • Release Rate: 10 chs / week

Early Plot Introduction

Xiang Wan is a webnovelist who makes a living posting novels online. She's skilled at writing mystery stories, but her books are unpopular. Just as her mother is about to force her to go on a blind date, a flawless hunk appears in her life. However, this hunk is here to arrest her.

A wealthy man in the city has been killed, and the manner of death is identical in the latest story Xiang Wan posted. As such, she becomes the main suspect of this crime. Xiang Wan knows she's not the murderer and tries to use her own way to prove her innocence to the policeman in charge of her case.

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Character Introduction (Slight Spoilers)

Xiang Wan (Female lead)

  1. 26-year-old webnovelist. As the genre of her books isn't popular, she doesn't succeed well in her career as a writer. However, she doesn't give up her writing dreams because of her financial state. She feels the stress from her mother who passionately urges her to get married. She's independent and pretty, and has her own dreams.
  3. Bai Muchuan (Male lead)
  5. Detective. Graduated from an excellent school and comes from a family of power. His handsomeness makes people think he's a star and not a policeman. In fact, he is an excellent policeman. Due to special reasons, he was sent from the capital's police department to Xiang Wan's city.

Content Editor's Appraisal

  • Martina

    I strongly recommend readers who are in desperate need for freshness to read this story. Murder the Dream Guy is a combination of mystery and romance, making this story not overly too sweet. The feelings between the couple slowly develops, preventing their feelings for each other from appearing presposterous and bland. This is a story that lets you reminscent over it. It won't make you forget it after finishing it a month later. This is the kind of book that you can recommend to your friends, and they will definitely say "good taste!"

  • Raine

    Recently, I have been writing reviews for novels on our site. I've read a lot and have written a lot. At times, it's tiring, but Murder the Dream Guy brightens me up. By the third chapter, the murder case has fully grabbed my attention, making me can't help but continue reading.

Readers' Prime Reviews

  • JustPri

    The novel started off with a case. I have been following it for quite sometime now. It’s not the normal romantic kind where the female falls in trouble and the male tries to save her. The female lead is pretty strong and logical, even though she likes the male lead she is clear about her boundaries without drama. The cases are solved in a detailed manner, so you can expect good elements of crime description, profiling and analysis. It’s really a different read. The updates are consistent and you can read it while going to work as it’s not a emotional roller coaster and quite practical. I am not sure of the authors other stories,but her writing style is good ??

  • IntrovertScribe

    People it's not considered insanity (like how I perceive my family's weird looks to me) when suddenly on a peaceful evening, a girl suddenly starts to laugh and do a muffled scream and go wrestling onto her own pillows with a phone in hand, alone inside a room. That, in my opinion is perfectly normal for readers...right? It's the excitement one feels and act because of a good story, my dear.

  • Apaylia

    The crime scenes are described quite literally but not in manner that make them vulgar or creepy. The romance is like an underlying current. Which is there but not tangible. You can feel it but not access it, Just like the murders described in this novel. There is always this mystery going around. All the cases seems to be different pearls of same necklace. As if we could string them up, then we would know, “who is the master mind behind all of this".

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