My Dad Is the Galaxy's Prince Charming

  • Genre: Female Lead/ Sci-fi Romance
  • Theme: Ordinary Female Homebody—Turning insanely rich and obtaining the most perfect man in the Universe overnight
  • Tag: Vampire, Transmigration, Futuristic World, Comedy, Academy, Interstellar
  • Book Stats:
    • Word Count Per Chapter: 1500+
    • Stockpile: 126/198 chapters
    • Release Rate: 8 chs / week
    • Best Points to Binge: 1. Today. The plot has already developed about 60%.
      2. May 15. If you enjoy reading a book from beginning to end.

Early Plot Introduction

Under a baffling turn of events, Yao Si, an ordinary female homebody, suddenly becomes a fifth generation vampire without any combat strength. Although vampires were having a civil war, Yao Si calmly figures that it has nothing to do with her. Unfortunately, she clearly underestimates her bad luck for she falls into a geosuture after encountering an expert battle… She would have been dead if she were human, but thankfully, she was already a vampire. As such, the injured Yao Si can automatically recover simply by sleeping.

Therefore, Yao Si sleeps… for a very long time—about hundreds of thousands of years. While sleeping, humans have gone extinct. Even the Earth has become an abandoned planet. Only when aliens were about to blast Earth apart did Yao Si dig herself out from deep within the Earth. (Heavens! That's just the fifth chapter!) Even more shocking to Yao Si is that after hundreds of thousands of years, the vampires have gone through 700 generations and have become the strongest race in the galaxy. And for her, a fifth generation vampire, she instantly becomes the most honorable great-grand-grand-grand…matriarch of the vampires…

Yao Si is no longer that ordinary homebody. Her life has embarked on the path towards the peak!

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Character Introduction (Slight Spoilers)

Yao Si (Female lead)

  1. Yao Si is an ordinary girl from the 21st century. She's like your usual mortal, living her days simply when one day, she suddenly discovers changes to her body. From a suggestion from the boss of a food stall, she realizes that she has become a vampire for some baffling reason—a neonate vampire without any combat strength. As vampires are stronger when at the top of the family tree, while the ones down the family tree are weaker, as a fifth-generation vampire, Yao Si believes that she would not be embroiled in the civil war among vampires. Unfortunately, she encounters the battle of two vampires and end up plummeting into a geosuture. As such, she begins her slumber. When she awakens, she has gone from an ordinary girl to the most honorable vampire highness in the universe. She even finds the vampire that had changed her—the Vampire Emperor—Mu Xuan.
  3. Mu Xuan (Male lead)
  5. Fourth-generation vampire, Vampire Emperor, the vampire that changed Yao Si into a vampire

    Mu Xuan is a vampire with perfect looks. He's the prince charming of every women in the Universe. When Yao Si arrives in the vampire's planet, he is awaken by her bloodline after a two-century slumber. He is Yao Si's "dad." But it seems to vampires, the word "dad" has a different meaning from what we know.

Content Editor's Appraisal

  • Martina

    I declare… the winner of Webnovel's most interesting book goes to "My Dad Is the Galaxy's Prince Charming"! (If you disagree, fight me!) But while introducing this story to you, I need to warn you ahead of time not to misunderstand the term "dad." It is has a very interesting place in this story!

  • Ina

    This book has something that hits my soft spot! The male lead is a hundreds-of-thousands-year-old virgin. That's right. You didn't read wrong. A passive virgin who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years. In the beginning ambiguous love scenes, the female lead kisses him, and in time to come, the male lead will blush simply from seeing her. The slow female lead even thinks that he's allergic. Ah, the tear-dropping sweetness.

  • Raine

    Hahaha, why did the protagonist die at the beginning of the story? And suddenly, the protagonist is a vampire, and then, she's suddenly buried, and suddenly, she's out of the ground. Then, she becomes some matriarch. The author's creativity is just spectacular. Furthermore, her cheat isn't out-of-place, but extremely cute! My tummy aches from all the laughing. It's relaxing and comedic…

Readers' Prime Reviews

  • Dizzeru

    Oh god this novel has me laughing so hard that people are looking at me weird. The synopsis caught my eye and I understood it was comedy, but I wasn't expecting it to be so off the wall funny. I mean this is true hitchiker's guide level genius.

  • SpicyChickenNo1

    F*king AWESOME
    Funny FMC ✓
    Fast story dev ✓
    Huge,amazing and unique world background ✓
    Not your overly use transmigrator poison or medical genius ✓
    Not your boring slow pace story telling ✓
    The author of My Master Disconnected Yet Again and My Disciple Died Yet Again "You Qian" ✓
    ONLY 198 chapter ✓
    No overly use, boring and tasteless face slapping ✓
    Because this is You Qian work, you can get a guarantee of "No Mary Sue FMC", "No overly cold ML", "No overly drop dead stupid villain", "No overly use misunderstanding that keep FMC and ML apart", and "No overly use face slapping that keep you wondering why you read this back then"

  • BaoBaoSjofn

    First of all, let me say that the author for this work is daring and adventurous. Instead of focusing on specific theme, why not combine all the genres in the fiction world and let the mayhem begin?

    The outcome? Unique masterpiece...

    Expect to have hefty amount of hilarious moments with this novel. Reading this is like having your afternoon tea while enjoying a rollercoaster ride (at least for me). Intense poker face is required while reading this in public. An outburst of uncontrolled guffaws can happen or if you're drinking something, maybe a hanky won't be too bad (yes, it DID happen to a certain reviewer to a certain gadget).

    Plotwise, I can't say for certain of how it will turn out since the rollercoaster ride isn't finished yet (not anytime soon, I hope). For the moment, I'm loving it! If you're wondering how futuristic, romantic, dramatic, outrageously funny, sci fi based, action filled, or paranormally incorporated this novel is, just read it guys... Read it and let us all wonder together!

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