Books adapted to other media#2 is coming.

Because of the fascinating content, many excellent novels in webnovel have the chance to be adapted for television series, animation works and comic books.

Check adaptation information of novels here:

Legend of Legends

Cultivation Chat Group

Genre: Magical Realism/ Male lead

Tags: Unique cultivation, Comedy, Adventure

Legend of Legends

Princess Agents

Genre: Romance Fiction/ Female Lead

Tags: Historical, Military, Sweet

Empire of the Ring

Release That Witch

Genre: Fantasy/ Male Lead

Tags: Magic, Kingdom Build, Romance


Joy of Life

Genre: Historical Fiction/ Male Lead

Tags: Reincarnation, Weak to Strong, Royalty

Apocalypse Hunter

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Genre: Eastern Fantasy/ Male Lead

Tags: Cultivation, Comedy, GameElements, Genius Protagonist

Golden Time

The Desolate Era

Genre: Eastern Fantasy/ Male Lead

Tags: Cultivation, Sword, Adventure