This time, we want to share with you guys books adapted to other media.

Because of the fascinating content, many excellent novels in webnovel have the chance to be adapted for television series, animation works and comic books.

Check adaptation information of novels here:

Legend of Legends

The King's Avatar

Genre: Video game

Tags:Electronic sports, Revenge,Brotherhood

Legend of Legends


Genre: Eastern Fantasy

Tags:Cultivation, Weak to Strong, Childhood Sweetheart

Empire of the Ring

Legend of Fuyao

Genre: Romance Fiction

Tags:Reincarnation, Historical, Strong female lead


So Pure, So Flirtatious

Genre: Magical Realism

Tags:Action, Academy, Harem

Apocalypse Hunter

Our Glamorous Time

Genre: Romance Fiction

Tags:Modern, Business, Sweet

Golden Time

Martial Universe

Genre: Eastern Fantasy

Tags:Adventure, Weak to strong, Cultivation