Write Novels, Get Paid!HOW

Back in April 10, 2018, Webnovel.com released the content creation functionality for all users! It’s time to let your creativity create wealth for you!

Are you aware that it is lucrative writing web novels on the Internet?

Perhaps you have read ‘Coiling Dragon’, ‘Battle Through the Heavens’, or ‘Bringing the Nation's Husband Home’ but do you know that the authors of such novels have become multi-millionaires just from writing web novels? You might think that these people that changed their lives writing web novels are exceptional cases, but in fact, they are not in the minority! Making a living from writing web novels has become a common phenomenon most recently. Many authors fulfill their dreams of writing while earning royalties that are higher than the average job. In 2017, Webnovel’s parent company, Yuewen Group paid out nearly200,000,000 DOLLARS. The average contracted Yuewen’s author earns an annum of23,560 DOLLARS!

Nearly 90% of web novelists, a number exceeding 6 million individuals, choose Webnovel (Yuewen)!

Nearly 90% of web novelists work with Yuewen. Nearly 7 MILLION authors have published online literary works under Yuewen’s platforms. They range from students to white-collar workers to teachers… Many of them are ordinary people fulfilling their dreams of writing. Their success proves one thing—anyone can write!

As a pioneer of online literature and the world’s only listed company that focuses on online literature, Yuewen has successfully proven the immense potential of the online literature market! Now, we are bringing this successful model internationally with Webnovel. We wish to create an illustrious future together with you for English web novels!

The value of your work is completely determined by your readers!

Webnovel has zero barriers of entry. It is a completely transparent web novel writing platform! All you need to do is create an account and upload your content, and your work will be available for reading to millions of passionate readers across the world!

We Support You!

Webnovel will accompany you as you pursue your dreams!

No readers? No worries!

Webnovel has millions of loyal users. With various platforms such as the app, mobile website, and desktop website, all works will gain immense exposure.

If your work is enjoyed by readers, they can vote with Power Stones. This will allow you to enjoy an increase in ranking, allowing you to attract more readers.

At the same time, excellent pieces of works will be introduced on Amazon and other online platforms. You will also gain the chance to publish hard-copy books with a publishing firm, as well as participate in book conventions, attracting more readers to your works.

How is a work’s value realized? No worries!

We will do our best to enhance the commercial value of authors around the world. We also have rich experience at adapting works for other media. Authors will not only gain the pleasure of writing while earning a sizable writing income to uplift their standards of living, they will also have a chance to participate in the commercialization of their works. They can bring their characters and stories onto the silver screen.

Your story will not only be presented in the form of text. It might very well be adapted into animations, television drama serials, and/or movies, winning attention all around the world and gaining influence.

I’m not a professional author and have no experience writing novels? No worries!

Most authors do not have a professional writing background. Writing is not as hard as you imagine. As long as you are willing to write, you can develop yourself rapidly with our help.

Professional Developmental Editorial Team

The Webnovel’s Editorial team will provide professional and writing advice to authors of contracted works. Authors can interact with us at their convenience and we will strive to resolve their concerns.

Book Of Authors

We will invite famous editors and excellent authors in the industry to share their experience in writing web novels. A Book of Authors will be shared with all authors!

Contract & Benefits

Contract with Webnovel, nurture your dreams of being an author!

1. Royalty Contract— Yours is yours

Authors sign a royalty contract with Webnovel. Authors will share the revenue earned from subscriptions on the website, direct sales from other platforms, and other monetization of the copyright. With the advantage of a continual stream of revenue, the standard royalty sharing is also the best choice to ensure an author’s long-term earnings.

2. Fixed-rate Contract—A stable environment for content creation

If you have an excellent novel draft and seek a stable environment for content creation, you can consider negotiating a fixed-rate contract. You will transfer the copyright and its provisions to us at an agreed-upon price and terms. Successful and experienced authors are given priority!

Contracted Works Guarantee System

We understand that an excellent author isn’t created in a day. Before many of our top authors created their popular works, they were once in an exploratory phase. Webnovel deeply understands the predicament that new authors face. In 2015, We established a Contracted Works Guarantee System that saved the dreams of many aspiring authors. If a contracted author meets the stipulated conditions below, they will be given a cash reward directly! It will ensure a financial guarantee for your dream as a writer. Regardless of your results, you will obtain a basic income. Paying for your development is the underlying core of guaranteeing your continual creation of content.

New Minimum Guarantee System

Here comes the New Contracted Works Minimum Guarantee System!

We will ensure that every contracted work that goes Premium will receive US$200/month in the following four months if the revenue you earn is less than US$200/month.

Authors will need to release a minimum of 1,500 words daily for the entire calendar month. There must not be any breaks in between the dates of uploads. We will ensure that every contracted work that goes Premium will receive a minimum of US$200 in the following four months, provided that the below requirements have been met.


At least 1,500 Premium words/day: US$200/month


-    Your novel must be contracted and you must have submitted the application for Premium

-    MGS is applicable for the following four months after going Premium (the month of application itself is not included in the four months)

-    Publish more than 1,500 Premium words daily, for the entire calendar month

-    Must ensure consistent publishing of Premium chapters everyday during the entire calendar month


-    <Apply for Premium by end April 2020>

-    Enter Premium in April 2020, Premium takes effect in May, June, July, August on 2020

-    Publish at least 1,500 Premium words per day (31 days in total for May, 30 days in total for June, etc.), for the entire month:

-    Get US$200/month Minimum Guarantee if the revenue you earn is less than US$200/month